ATTENTION: For Those who are serious about Developing your Real Estate business to the next level...
Discover what you need to know about Setting Up and Running a profitable Real Estate business..
Hello this is Ami, a veteran Contractor, Developer, Teacher, Mentor and Real Estate Investor! I have helped many people during my 30+ years career, to reach levels of life they only imagined. I am on a mission to develop a generation of leaders, successful business professionals and thriving families through my Real Estate Wealth Training Program so that YOU CAN BUILD AND LEAVE YOUR LEGACY!
Real Estate Goals:
Personal and Financial Commitment:
What You Will Learn From This Event:
Secret #1: How To Make Money Wholesaling
Real Estate
Learn how to create, operate and manage a TRUE Real Estate Wholesaling business by learning to be a SNIPER.
Secret #2: How To Profit On Fix-n-Flips
Learn how to find and identify profitable rehab opportunities, then...How to complete the project on time, on budget and create a finished project that home owners are drooling to buy in bidding wars.
Secret #3: How To Fix-n-Hold For Long-Term Cash-Flow
Learn how to find and secure rehabs that will make you Solid, Safe and SECURE LONG-TERM RENTAL CASH-FLOW. to keep doing it OVER and OVER AGAIN!
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